We will continue to provide earth-friendly transformers, power supply equipment, and electronic devices by conserving limited resources.

Our philosophy

As a manufacturer and seller of power supply equipment, we will promote environmental conservation activities to reduce the environmental impact of all our business activities and products, and aim to achieve harmony with the global environment.

Our policy

  1. We set up an environmental committee and organizational structure to continuously improve our global environmental protection activities.
  2. We will set targets to the extent possible and communicate with government agencies and stakeholders to continuously improve our environmental management system and performance.
  3. Among the environmental impacts of our business activities, products and services, we will address the following items as priority themes for environmental management with objectives and goals.
    1. Environmentally friendly products
    2. Tidying up
  4. In order to actively implement activities to prevent environmental pollution and reduce environmental impact, we will inform all employees of this environmental policy and announce it outside the company.
  5. We will comply with environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements related to all of our business activities, products, and services.
  6. We will conduct internal environmental audits and strive to continuously improve our environmental management system.
  7. We will provide environmental education to ensure that all employees understand our environmental policy and raise their awareness of environmental issues.